At this time of year there are lots of cold and flu bugs around and with most of us working in close proximity to others or sharing the bugs that our children bring home to us, it seems nothing short of a miracle if we manage to avoid them!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) boosts the immune system and therefore anyone who suffers repeatedly from cold and flu viruses can benefit from regular MLD.  It has been shown that an increase in lymph flow stimulates production of lymphocytes which enhances immune function.

In addition, a regular 40 minute treatment focused mostly on the head and face can really help to unblock and drain away the sinuses in those people who suffer with sinus problems on a regular basis or as part of a cold virus.

Having blocked sinuses can be miserable, with pressure, congestion, headaches, eye ache, ear ache and face ache all contributing to the misery!  It also makes us feel very tired and run down.  MLD helps to drain the sinuses and alleviate built up pressure in the face and around the eyes and ears, while also boosting the immune system and allowing your body to do what it does naturally to heal.

Studies have revealed that most antibiotics and topical nasal steroid sprays prescribed for people with sinusitis show no clinical useful effect (Journal of American Medical Association Vol.298 No.21, December 5, 2007 :2487-2496)

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