Do you suffer at this time of year with dull lifeless skin, dry skin caused by central heating or the weather, or irritated and sore skin?  If so read on!

Much of the superficial lymphatic system lies in and just under the skin, bringing nutrients to the tissues and taking away toxins and waste to be filtered in the lymph nodes.

When the lymph is flowing well, your cells are being bathed in fresh fluid that contains lots of nutrients which makes the skin look fresh, healthy and alive.  As one person said after a Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment, “when I got up and looked in the mirror in the bathroom the morning after I had my treatment, I was really surprised at my reflection – my face looked much less drawn, my eyes had less deep circles underneath them and my complexion seemed brighter”.

When the lymph is not flowing well toxins hang around longer and fresh nutrients don’t get to the skin so much, so it can look dull and lifeless.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle form of massage.  It is aimed at moving the lymph under the skin and increasing the rate of absorption of fluid and waste products from the surrounding tissues and bringing much needed nutrients to the tissues.  In this way it helps your skin to look and feel much healthier.

If you read my post in January you will know that Manual Lymphatic Drainage stimulates your lymphatic system, gently stretching the walls of the lymph vessels and encouraging lymph drainage, helping it to do its job more effectively.  Removing waste and excess stagnant tissue fluid, eliminating toxins, clearing blockages, boosting your immune system and allowing those all important nutrients to be transported to the cells more quickly.  By performing Manual Lymphatic Drainage we can increase the volume of lymph flow by as much as 20 times.

A full body lymphatic drainage needs a 60 minute treatment although longer treatments are available.  A treatment to the face only, which will include neck and chest areas, will require a 40 minute treatment.

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