What is in the mind is in the body

Our brain and body are an incredible combination that work together to create complex movement patterns. When this formidable duo are working under perfect conditions and every muscle is doing its own job in the right sequence movement is fluid, relaxed, powerful and integrated. We can breathe well, heal well and avoid injury.

However, we live lives that are far from perfect as far as our mind and body are concerned! We forget how to breathe properly, we sit at desks and in cars for long periods, we lead busy stressful lives, we worry about what has happened and about what might happen. We live with chronic pain and poor posture, we have an operation or become ill. And sad, unhappy events are inevitable in our lives. We don’t take time to stop, breathe, connect with our bodies, be in the present. Muscles stop working properly, other muscles start compensating and the result is a muscular system that is out of sequence.

Our brain – the greatest satellite navigation system!

Our brain is an amazing piece of kit. Just like your Sat Nav notices a road block and re routes you, your brain does exactly the same thing by re routing your muscles. If one muscle has switched off and is no longer able to do its job, another muscle will take over so a new movement pattern is created. We see this a lot with injury, when one muscle or group of muscles is injured other muscles take up the slack. But stress and our emotional state also have a massive impact on movement patterns. When our mind is focused on things that cause us stress or sadness our body is weak and our resilience is low.

Unfortunately these compensatory movement patterns eventually lead to poor function, pain, stress and injury. This has implications for strength, power, flexibility, endurance, speed, balance and agility. Your body has started to react to the world around it, rather than being able to act on the world in a positive way.

Be Activated! What is it?

Be Activated is a powerful approach that uses the stimulation of established reflex points to reboot the brain into good movement patterns. It does this by improving the connection between the brain and our muscles. These neuromuscular activations work by interrupting poor neural patterns that have become established in the brain for whatever reason, and basically resets them to the corrects ones. A bit like a system reboot on a computer I guess! Muscles can then return from a state of tension, pain and injury to an integrated state of flexibility, strength, coordination, power and resilience.

How does it work in practice?

Be Activated firstly shows you how your body is currently moving and what compensatory patterns it is using to achieve this. This is established through simple muscle testing which also acts as a baseline so we can measure outcomes objectively.

Before activating a muscle we test it, usually against resistance but sometimes flexibility too. We then activate that muscle by massaging very specific reflex or activation points, then we retest. We always start with zone 1, the diaphragm, psoas and glutes, then work outwards taking into account your body’s “cheat” pattern. The results can often be felt immediately and are sometimes quite mind blowing!

This initial activation needs maintaining as our bodies will try to go back to using the path it is used to, the path of least resistance, especially in the early days and when our body is put under pressure. Therefore you are taught how to do your own muscle activations on a daily basis and especially before any kind of exercise.

Path of least resistance

Who is muscle activation for?

Anyone can benefit from this form of activation. It can help with any kind of neuromuscular pain or dysfunction such as shoulder, back, neck, calf or hip pain. It can improve your mobility and balance and can be used to treat neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. It can improve your performance in sport and leave you less vulnerable to injury. But neuromuscular activation can also have a very noticeable impact on your breathing, your sleep and your stress and anxiety levels. And ultimately it can have a positive affect on your immune system and on your resilience to illness and disease.

I am now offering Be Activated muscle activation in my practice so if you think you might benefit from this treatment please give me a call.

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