Welcome to Live One Eighty.  Most of you will know me and my Soft Tissue/Sports Massage business as plain old Gill Rose Sport and Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy, so why the change?

The Move!

So at the beginning of October 2020 I moved counties, from Hampshire to West Cornwall!  This was part of a five year planned move and just happened to coincide with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  In fact, having spent months getting our house ready for sale, it hit the market the very first day of the first national lockdown!

We did wonder at that point if our plan to move to Cornwall in 2020 would be pushed back to the following year, but as the estate agents opened again we ploughed ahead, never imagining the many extra challenges Covid would create along the way!  But move we did, first into rented accommodation, then at the end of January we moved into our new home here in Breage, near Helston, West Cornwall.

The Challenges of Covid!

As a close contact service I have been unable to practice during much of the last year.  Between lockdowns one and two I was working again for a few months before moving, and it was fantastic to be back seeing people again and to use my skills to help my clients to bring about the changes they need to continue to live a full, balanced and active life.

There were changes and adaptions to be made to enable me to practice safely, to protect my clients and myself, follow government advice and work within the law during the Covid pandemic.  This meant wearing a face covering and a visor which was pretty uncomfortable and unpleasant during the warm weather we had last year!

There was extra cleaning and half hour gaps between clients, increased hygiene protocols for both myself and clients, online assessment forms and Covid-19 screening forms and information sent out to all clients on what to expect from me and their visit and what was expected of them.  It also became mandatory for clients to wear a face covering during sessions.  I changed the way I worked to enable the least amount of close contact, especially around the face area.  I left windows open whenever the weather permitted and I purchased new quick drying sheets, couch and cushion covers.  And all my clients were brilliant, understanding the need for these changes, getting on board with what this meant for them and supporting my effort to keep us safe.  For this I thank each and every one of you, it made such a difference.

Most, if not all, of these changes and procedures will still need to be in place when I, along with other close contact services, open again, fingers crossed in April.  It is not possible at this time to know how long these new practices and procedures will be need to be in place, but I will continue to be guided at all times by the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM) as always, and they in turn are guided by government advice and requirements.  But I am keeping everything crossed that the requirement for me to wear both a face covering and a visor will be lifted before the warmer summer months!

Red arrows doing a 180

So why Live One Eighty?

I came across this term while reading The Pants of Perspective by Anna McNuff which is an account of her 3,000km running adventure through the wilds of New Zealand (I recommend reading her book).  It describes perfectly my approach to soft tissue therapy.

“Doing a one eighty is when you turn yourself a full one hundred & eighty degrees & take another look at the situation.  You realise there must be another way to see things.  Normally, a better way.  As soon as you “do the one eighty” life becomes a lot more fun.”

Looking from a different perspective

Being open to looking at pain, dysfunction and injury from a different perspective allows us to open new doors & find solutions that are sometimes life transforming.  An open mind & a willingness to learn & try new ideas & take control of your own body will take you on a new & exciting journey.

When when when……

Very soon hopefully!  At the moment the government’s road map out of lockdown has close contact services opening from the 12 April, but this, as you know, is not set in stone.  We probably won’t have confirmation until very near the time and then the ISRM need to study the guidance and advise it’s members accordingly.  However, I do hope to open my doors again as close to this date as possible.  Once I have a definite date for opening I will announce it on Facebook @Liveoneeighty.uk and at this point I will start taking bookings.

Many thanks to all my Hampshire clients, I have enjoyed working with you so much and your support and encouragement during this challenging year has been amazing, you rock!  And I very much look forward to meeting lots of new people in my practice here in Breage so please share the news with your friends and family!  Onwards!


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