Live One Eighty

Sport and Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy

Based in Breage, Helston, Cornwall.

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My name is Gill Rose. I am a Sport and Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapist and work from my treatment room in Breage, near Helston.

I enjoy working with people of all ages and from all walks of life and I treat anyone who is experiencing muscular pain or dysfunction, not just sports people. In fact the large majority of clients who come to see me are experiencing aches, pains and dysfunction caused by every day activities at home and at work. This may be affecting their neck, shoulder, back, elbow, feet, you name it! For some it even affects their sleep.

Alongside massage and soft tissue work I also offer muscle activation.  This is a powerful approach that uses the stimulation of established reflex points to reboot the brain into good movement patterns.

So why Live One Eighty?

I came across this term while reading The Pants of Perspective by Anna McNuff which is an account of her 3,000km running adventure through the wilds of New Zealand (I recommend reading her book).  It describes perfectly my approach to soft tissue therapy.

“Doing a one eighty is when you turn yourself a full one hundred & eighty degrees & take another look at the situation.  You realise there must be another way to see things.  Normally, a better way.  As soon as you “do the one eighty” life becomes a lot more fun.”

Being open to looking at pain, dysfunction and injury from a different perspective allows us to open new doors & find solutions that are sometimes life transforming.  An open mind & a willingness to learn & try new ideas & take control of your own body will take you on a new & exciting journey.

I look forward to meeting you.